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Join us on an incredible adventure on a breathtaking scenic flight overhead Zagreb or North of Croatia - Međimurje!

Have you always admired pilots and dreamed about joining them? Fulfill your dream! Take your loved ones and accompany them on a breathtaking panoramic flight and enjoy the scenery from the air. Take a step into the elite world of aviation under the guidance of experienced pilots and flight instructors. Find out how it is to look at the world from above and become an Aviator.

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Introductory panoramic flight is a perfect and long-remembered gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. We also hope to fire a passion for aviation and heights inside you. For your flying experience to be perfect, we recommend you to read our frequently asked questions first.

Our primary goal is to make aviation accessible to the wider audience

Introductory scenic or panoramic flight will be long-remembered. Our safety awareness is on a professional level so we are taking all the necessary measures to make your experience with us safe and sound.

Scenic flight routes:

ZAGREB CITY: Flight above the capital

Experience the capital city of Croatia from bird’s view and enjoy the sight of the mountain Medvednica.

TRAKOŠĆAN CASTLE: Flight above Croatian castle

If it is your desire to visit the 13th century and the knights of Trakošćan castle then we are recommending this route: Varaždin, castle Trakošćan, Lepoglava, Ivanec.

PICTURESQUE VARAŽDIN: Scenic flight above Varaždin city

The shorter route Varaždin, Varaždinske Toplice, Čakovec is meant for you to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of North Croatia, the lakes and other idyllic places nearby.

Partners and members

Panoramic flight is the perfect gift for your significant other, a friend or any other special person in your life.

Share this experience with your loved ones and together you shall experience a new dimension. For your adventure to be unique, we have a few standard routes for you. We have flights taking off and landing at aerodromes Varaždin and Lučko – Zagreb but it is possible to create new routes and take off locations according to your wishes.

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